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The Riverside Prom is looking for artists for our annual art show at Back To The Grind on May 7, 2015. The theme of the show is Twilight Zone and all Black and White era TV and film entertainment. Artwork must be done in Black and White Greyscale.


We will be excepting submissions for illustrations, paintings,   photographs, installation pieces, performance art, and video.


Ideas for artwork include, but not limited to, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Addams Family, Frankenstein, Beverly Hillbillies, Leave It To Beaver, Classic Doctor Who, Gamera, Bewitched, The Birds, Nosferatu, Lost in Space, The Munsters, King, Kong, Mister Ed, The Honeymooners, The Mickey Mouse Club, Forbidden Planet, I Love Lucy, The Lone Ranger, Buck Rogers, The Thing, Them, Godzilla, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Metropolis, and so on.



All artist that make it into the show will also receive VIP Passes to The Riverside Prom 2015 on Saturday May 9th 8:30p and attend the VIP Pre-Party at 7:30p


Artist are free to sell there work at no commissions from the venue




•jpegs of art and/or description


•size of the piece (height x width )


•medium (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Video, Instillation, ect)


•hanging arrangement (Wire, D rings, etc.)


•Number of pieces (You wish to Display)




Submissions Deadline

   •April 8th


Artist Card Info 

   •April 13



    Artwork Title:




   Thursday April-23th - Friday April

    24th (flexible to other times needed)

    *Artwork must be ready to hang


Public Reception at Back to the Grind  

    Thursday May 7th at 6p-9p


The Riverside Prom 2015 Twilight Zone 

     Saturday May 9th 8:30pm

     (VIP Party 7:30)


••Art Pick Up•• 

       Sunday May 17th



with the subject header of

"Prom Artist Info"

Your details were sent successfully!

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