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ON SATURDAY MAY 10TH, 2014 @ 8:30PM YOU AND A GUEST (and cute single friends) are invited to attend The Riverside Prom: Saturday Morning Cartoons @ Back to the Grind in Riverside, CA.


Whether you’re a Mutant Ninja or out on Recess with a Kid Next Door, Saturday Morning Cartoons is a COSTUME party, so come in costume and Toon It Up!


All Pajama-Wearers, Smurfs, Air-Benders, Sponges in Squarepants, ThunderCats, Underdogs, Super Friends, Rugrats, Pinkys and Brains, Hellsings, Tiny Tooners, X-Men, Spider-Mans, Princesses of Power, Jems and/or Holograms, Animaniacs, Archers, Pokemon, Planeteers, Batmans, Robotech Masters, PowerPuff Girls, Samurai Jacks, Gargoyles, Ed, Edd n Eddies, Full Metal Alchemist, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Space Ghosts, GI Joes, Mononokes, Venture Bros, Duck Tales, Scooby-Doos, Junk Yard Gangs, Evangelions, Ticks, Gatchmen, Rescue Rangers, Freakazoids, Jokers, Dragon Ballers, Speed Racers, Road Runners, Danny Phantoms, Care and/or Gummy Bears, Voltron or Aqua Teen Hunger Forces and anything else Cartoon or Anime are invited to the party.


Get the Cereal ready and join us at Back to the Grind on May 10th for Downtown Riverside’s BEST All-Night Annual Theme Party! See you there!


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